Friday, December 27, 2013

A True Miracle

I haven't written in months and I felt the need to write tonight. It's late and I can't sleep because something happened to me tonight that will change my life forever. I have a sister. Well, a half sister but a sister nontheless. I never knew about her until tonight. I received a letter addressed to my father and my home a few weeks ago and I didn't open it because I was busy at the moment and I set it down somewhere with the intent of opening it later. For those who don't know, my father is a cross-country truck driver and has his mail forwarded to me so that I can take care of it. So I stumbled upon it today and opened it. At the top I was surprised to see her name with my maiden name in parentheses. Obviously I was a bit confused. I read on and found that this young woman had been searching for her father and wanted to know if my dad was him. She had given an accurate description of my dad and mentioned her mothers name and asked if he knew her around the year of 1994. She had stated that my father had a daughter (my name) and a son (my brother's name). By now I am thinking that this is just a joke, this can't be real. How would this girl know my father's, brother's and my name. So I did some research. I went to the only place on the internet that I thought I would find her. Facebook. I searched her name and found a young woman that looked to be about 17 or 18 that looked almost identical to my brother. She lived in a city that was 11 minutes away from the return address on the letter. I was convinced, but unsure all at the same time. My mind was racing. I couldn't believe what I had found. My husband called my father because I had no idea what to say. He confirmed that he knew her mother and that he had an affair with her. He had heard that he had a daughter a couple years ago and began searching for her but gave up because he had no leads. She no longer lived in the same home and no longer worked at the same place. He was out of options. My husband suggested that I call her. Her phone number was in the letter. So I did. We both didn't know what to say. I can easily say that that phone call was the most awkward and exciting phone call I have ever made in my life. I ended the conversation by agreeing to give her my father's phone number so that she could call him when she was ready. My husband called her and told her that he had a daughter and to be expected, he was in shock and didn't know what to do. My husband told him to call her. So he did. I let it go for the night. I figured that he needed his time and that I would call him tomorrow to talk to him about it. So that's where I am at right now. Confused, nervous, excited all at the same time. It gets better though... She told me that she had been searching for her father since she was 11 and her mother never told her much about him except the fact that he was a truck driver and that they were together for about 5 months before she broke it off with him. She never talked to him again. This girl grew up without a dad and had been searching for him for 7 years. It was a miracle that she even found us. It is a true miracle. I guess God really does work in mysterious ways. I may not believe in religion but I do believe in a higher power and tonight has proven that. I am thankful for what I have and thankful that she has found us. Tonight my life has changed forever... More on this soon.
Goodnight all!